Cruise Control for GM LS Drive-by-Wire Engines

From Dakota Digital

Direct plug-in cruise control for GM LS drive-by-wire engines, the CRC Series plugs directly into your OEM LS throttle pedal for not only simple installation, but reliable operation and connectivity.  Self-learning calibration makes this system a snap to use, with no DIP switches or charts to follow!

The CRC-1000 obtains its information from the included diagnostic connector and throttle pedal connections, allowing an extremely simple installation for drive-by-wire GM CAN bus applications.
The CRC-1000 is ideal for applications using all matched OEM drivetrain control components.

The CRC-2000 variation features a discrete VSS input (fixed 4,000 PPM, your application may require the use of an SGI-5E if a 4,000 PPM signal is not present), usable when a diagnostic connector is unavailable.  While still plugging directly into the throttle pedal, the CRC-2000 provides a more universal approach, perfectly suited to cases with a mixture of OEM and aftermarket powertrain control components.

Both the CRC-1000 and CRC-2000 fit GM LS (V8) applications from 2006 - current (except Pontiac GTO and Holden applications).

Your choice of switch/turn signal level is supplied. Inputs for power, ground, and a connection to your existing brake light switch are all that is required (along with VSS input on CRC-2000). Additionally, an output is provided for a cruise-on indicator.

Module measures 3.5" x 3.5" x .75"


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