RAMC '73 Trans-Am

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RAMC '73 Trans-Am
Bird of Prey: Harbinger of Death

Bird of Prey

Pre-Bandit, Post-Apocalyptic


I don’t understand or partake in our society’s obsession with zombies and the downfall of civilization. Maybe it’s politics or climate change, or total boredom setting in thanks to 24/7 internet access. Even in the car world, there are plenty of doomsday “builds” and Mad Max-style vehicles popping up, which all address the end-of-the-world scenario after the fact. In contrast, this ’73 Trans Am is a harbinger of death in its own right; it’s bringing the world to its knees with F-you horsepower and the road-holding aptitude exotics dream about at night.

RAMC '73 Trans-Am: Undercarriage
RAMC 73 Trans-Am: Power under the hood

If you can stomach it, look below the subdued screaming bird on the hood and feast your eyes on the WMD from PMD. Looking like a 326 or maybe 400, we’ve got 535 cubic inches of anger here. The big giveaway that something evil is afoot is the Butler Performance name engraved on the valve covers. Butler is an arms dealer for big Pontiac power, and car builder Restore a Muscle Car (RAMC) loaded their black market cart with the very best. Edelbrock heads support an aluminum intake plumbed with EFI injectors, while the bottom end of the corporate blue bullet is filled with war-ready rotating bits. The final tally is 700hp and as much torque coming through a five speed stick shift, so watch your six.

RAMC 73 Trans-Am: Wheels

Big power is great, but it’s only half of the equation. Total domination requires brute force in the straights but also precision navigation in the turns. The wiggly unibody was shored up with subframe connectors fit for a bridge, while the leaf springs were set aside to make room for a Detroit Speed four link system. This alone would make the T/A a fearsome adversary, so naturally there’s more. Up front, Pro Touring F Body tubular control arms are bound with matching spindles and sprung with coilovers. Each corner is equipped with a Wilwood disc brake which are in turn dressed with Rushforth 18” 2-piece wheels. Front wheels measure in at 18x10 and the rears are 18x12; all are wrapped in BFG KDW tires.

Whether the pilot of this machine is driving in anger or pleasure, they enjoy Cerullo bucket seats, complete with embroidered fire chickens. A high tech stereo system incorporates an Alpine double-DIN head unit with Kicker speakers, amps and subwoofer. The center console hosts the full-color display and a large black shift knob, reminding you that old and new ideas both have a place in our world. Perpetuating that doctrine is the black face/red lighting VHX system in the stock engine turned dash panel. Stock-sized, drop in instruments are filled with the best technology in aftermarket instrumentation, allowing this vintage Bird to fly high into the 21st Century.

RAMC 73 Trans-Am: Black Body

All of these features are wrapped in a jet-black body which was straightened and smoothed to perfection. Black is, after all, the most sinister color. LED headlights and taillights adorn the stock locations, while the three-inch exhaust can be seen tucked up into the rear tail panel. The original flares, scoops, rear spoiler and signature shaker hoodscoop have been retained, albeit after a thorough massage session; these plastics fit better than they ever did new.

RAMC 73 Trans-Am: Out for Blood

The pictures may not show it, but the T/A has been finished for a few years at the time of this writing. Lest you think it’s been hermetically sealed in a garage somewhere, the Poncho has been pushing competitors in the mud left and right. It’s been in a few magazines, the SEMA Show, in addition to the Optima Challenge, Bandit Run and a plethora of others. Rest assured this Nebraska-built ’73 is out for blood.

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