Universal Flywheel Tachometer Interface

From Dakota Digital

The DSL-2E consists of a DSL-1E Tachometer Interface unit and an inductive, gear-tooth sensor. This kit will convert the signal from the supplied flywheel-gear tooth sensor for use with a gas-tachometer. Simply enter the number of teeth on your flywheel and choose desired cylinder-count output to match the tachometer of your choice. The sensor should be mounted so the flywheel teeth pass by the end of the sensor.

DSL-1E: 4" x 2" x 1" and is designed to be mounted inside the vehicle.
Sensor:   2" Long, 3/4"-16 Threads

Product not compatible with '86-91 VW Vanagon's and other similar models.


 Only  $129.95
Flywheel Tachometer Interface Unit

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