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1969 - 1976 Chevy Nova Digital Instrument System

From Dakota Digital
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1969 - 1976 Chevy Nova Digital Instrument System

Dakota Digital Series III instrument systems offer the latest technologies and features for your custom vehicle. High brightness vacuum fluorescent displays provide a lifetime of trouble free use while offering increased accuracy and features!

Full 6 Gauge Instrument System fits into OEM bezel for 1969- 76 Chevy Nova.

Fits directly into existing bezel (not included).


Other common items that will work along with this product:
1968- 69 Nova
1968- 69 Nova  LAT-NR140
1970- 72 Nova
1970- 72 Nova  LAT-NR150
1973- 74 Nova
1973- 74 Nova  LAT-NR380
Clock Module
Clock Module  BIM-16-1
Cruise Control for Electronic Speedometers
Cruise Control for Electronic Speedometers  CRS-3000
Fuel Level Sender
Fuel Level Sender  SEN-06-1
OBD-II / CAN Interface
OBD-II / CAN Interface  BIM-01-2 / BIM-01-1
Quad Air Pressure Module
Quad Air Pressure Module  BIM-19-2
Retained ACC Power w/ Headlight & Dome Light Control
Retained ACC Power w/ Headlight & Dome Light Control  PAC-1300
Temperature Module
Temperature Module  BIM-04-2
Universal Gear Shift Sending Unit
Universal Gear Shift Sending Unit  GSS-2000
Wideband Air/ Fuel Module
Wideband Air/ Fuel Module  BIM-13-2
Light Dimming Kit
Light Dimming Kit  DIM-1
Pressure Module
Pressure Module  BIM-03-2
Voltage/ Current Module
Voltage/ Current Module  BIM-05-1
EGT, Head Temperature Module
EGT, Head Temperature Module  BIM-12-1
Air Temperature Module
Air Temperature Module  BIM-14-1
Compass w/ Outside Temperature Module
Compass w/ Outside Temperature Module  BIM-17-2