Electronic Speedometer Adjustment Module

From Dakota Digital

The SIM-1 electric speed correction module will plug into newer speed sensor harnesses to correct the speedometer and odometer after a change in tire size, pulley size or transmission gearing. The unit plugs directly between the stock Harley transmission sensor and the original speedometer and is easily tucked away into the bike's wiring harness after adjustment is complete.

  • With factory Harley connectors, no cutting or splicing is required.
  • Two push button switches allow the original speedometer reading to be increased or decreased easily.
  • Ability to correct the speed to within 1 MPH or KPH from 50% to 284% of original reading.
  • Sealed completely from water, dust, and dirt.

The new SIM-1 comes in a smaller size for easier mounting and provides an extended correction range.

Fits Harley Davidson models:

  • 1995-2003 Sportster Models
  • 1996-2006 Softail Models
  • 1996-2005 Dyna Models
  • 2006 and earlier Touring models with Factory Electronic Speedometer
  • 2007 and later Harley models require hardwiring into stock harness, speed correction can be made up to Harley's factory margin of error, typically 3-5% fhe actual speed reading.  If correction is made beyond this, it may result in the loss of the 6th gear indicator light and cruise control.   


 Only  $99.95
Electric Speedometer Adjustment Module

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