Round Performance Speed/Tach with Indicators

From Dakota Digital

The feature filled HLY-3016 Series 3-3/8" round electronic instrumentation system offers a 199 MPH speedometer, quick response bar graph tachometer, odometer with dual resettable trip meters and a full complement of indicators to provide a complete information system.

  • Adjustable 199 MPH speedometer calibration is adjustable for nearly any gearing or tire size combination.
  • User selectable MPH or KPH
  • Compatible with both electronic and cable drive applications.
  • 0- 13,000 RPMs
  • Odometer with two resettable trip odometers.
  • Resettable Miles to Service with warning (user settable countdown) and Hour meter.
  • Quick response bar graph tachometer with adjustable shift point warning.
  • Easy Tachometer calibration for a wide range of cylinder combinations from 1- 15 cylinders without the use and hassle of bulky coils.
  • Gear Position Indicator compatable with 3- 6 speed transmissions.
  • Adjustable shift point indicator with warning and output for external shift light (external shift light not included).
  • Various indicators can also be displayed such as Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil Pressure, Low Voltage and Security Indicators.
  • Voltage readout.
  • Automatic turn signal canceling compatable.
  • "Wait to start" / "Check Engine" light.
  • Several performance calculations include: 0- 60 time, high speed & high RPM recall, 1/4 mile time and speed.
  • Easy push button calibration.
  • Chrome front bezel with non-glare scratch resistant lens.
  • Machined aluminum housing.

* Not compatible with any CAN bus model motorcycle
** Limited Two Year Warranty!
***Dakota Digital Instrument systems are normally shipped from the factory with "0" miles on the odometer. If you would like mileage added to the odometer, this can be done at the factory for a charge of $20. Please contact Dakota Digital to arrange this service.

 Only  $314.95
SKU: HLY-3016
Round Performance Speed/Tach with Indicators
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