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2-1/16" Fuel/ Volts/ Oil Pressure/ Water Temperature

From Dakota Digital
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2-1/16" Fuel/ Volts/ Oil Pressure/ Water Temperature

The ODYR-40-2/ SLX-40-2, 2-1/16" round multifunction gauge contains several display options. With various display options and adjustable warning points the ODYR-40-2/ SLX-40-2 allows all readings to be crucially monitored.

  • Voltmeter
  • Oil Pressure (sender included)
  • Water OR Oil Temperature (sender included)
  • Your choice of either Fuel Level or Air Pressure. (senders sold separately)
  • Machined aluminum housing.

* Limited Two Year Warranty!




Together at last, Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II and Solarix Series gauges have always been built in house and have offered all of the same features for years. To make it easier to compare, we have combined the gauges together for easier viewing. Check out the chart below for the differences:

Odyssey Series II Odyssey Solarix
  • Non-Glare Teal display
  • Neon Green Annunciator
        (Water, Volt,...)
  • Bezel Options
    • Black
    • Chrome
  • High Contrast Blue display
  • Blue Annunciator
        (Water, Volt,...)
  • Bezel Options 
    • Black
    • Chrome


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