Savage Cycles V-Rod Chopper

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Savage Cycles V-Rod Chopper

Choppers weren’t always store bought, boys and girls. Choppers used to be the ride of hardcore bikers, a two-wheeled middle-finger to the establishment. To stand out from the masses, these bikes were devoid of novelties such as turn signals and rearview mirrors. The point was to make a statement and display the rider’s personality. Are you familiar with the 1969 film Easy Rider? Those guys were rebels!

When did choppers lose their hardcore edge? Savage Cycles remembers when ‘chopper’ meant a hand-made piece of art that wholly expressed the personality of the builder. Not content with meeting his bike’s ‘twin’ at a stoplight, surgeon Tom Ghobrial commissioned the crew at Savage to build him a show-stopping chopper based on a Harley V-Rod Screamin’ Eagle engine to complement his stock V-Rod at home.

Harking back to the chopper’s heyday, Savage Cycles hand built nearly everything on the bike including the frame, tank, bars, fenders and exhaust. Featuring full air suspension and an extra-wide 300mm rear tire, the outstanding frame is held up by a front end made up of Goldammer and GForce components that have been modified by the Savage crew. While the wheels on the bike are from Renegade, the builders had to fabricate their own rotors and hubs to fit the chassis; the custom work never ends!

Ghobrial sits on the custom fabricated seat which was then treated to an ostrich-skin cover by Butch at High Rollers Seats. Jermey at Savage Cycles built the handlebars per Tom’s specs, and in the process incorporated a Dakota Digital HLY-3015 multi-function gauge in a raw steel mounting cup. This cup is offered for custom applications, in which the builder would like to incorporate the gauge into the bars; the Savage bike here is a textbook example. The cup is shipped without the chrome plating found on our other cups, making this piece ready for welding and paint or powdercoating to match any custom project. Savage employee and expert fabricator, Mike built the aforementioned seat pan as well as the front and rear fenders. Believe it or not, the paint work on this bike was also done in-house with Sean being responsible for the layout, gold leaf and marble graphics.

Typically, a full-house custom bike of this caliber, first off, doesn’t get ridden much, if at all, and, second, is too uncomfortable to even sit on anyway. Tom Ghobrial reports that the bike is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of bone sawing and actually enjoys throwing a leg over this chopper more than the stock V-Rod residing in his garage.

Choppers were originally limited to the blue collar guys with the skills and vision to build their own. Today, the world of custom bikes has been opened up to everyone. While the die hard traditional chopper camp might wince at a surgeon, a ‘clean hands’ guy, riding a bike like this, they can rest assured that this bike carries more rebellious attitude than most ‘60’s choppers could dream of.

Three-quarter rear. SAVAGE!
Front end
Handlebar art
Seat detail
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