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VHX-1100: Universal 6" x 10.75" Competition, Analog Instrument

From Dakota Digital
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VHX-1100: Universal 6" x 10.75" Competition, Analog Instrument

The VHX-1100 is a whole new breed of instrument system. Created as a crossover between the pure function of race gauges and the usability of street instrumentation, this system provides the best of both. With a 0-160 MPH Speedometer, a 0-10,000 RPM Tach and large-sweep Oil Pressure and Temperature gauges, even the most radical of applications are covered. Four programmable, digital message centers allow for nearly unlimited expansion.

The billet aluminum faceplate is powdercoated flat-black and features intricate machining to create a unique multi-layered look. Measuring 10.75" x 6" (10.25" x 5-1/2" cutout) overall, this compact package also sports exposed stainless steel hardware to round out the competition styling.

Fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers are a few of the things that you can see which set the VHX Series apart from yesterday’s traditional approach to instrumentation. A few of the features which you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled limited lifetime warranty which has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems . Completely engineered and manufactured at our facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry!

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