ICON Thriftmaster Truck

ICON Thriftmaster Truck
Thriftmaster studebaker


Just when you think it’s all been done before

Rebirth. Regeneration. Remarkable. These phrases, while overused buzz-words for a hipster graphic artist changing the font on a website, aptly describe the process of Jonathan Ward and his company, Icon 4x4. Their slogan, ‘the most advanced form of simple,’ neatly sums up their build style; detailed to the max without overpowering the original design.

Thriftmaster Studebaker Truck

Take a look at this pickup as an example. These trucks have been near and dear to our hot rodding hearts since the beginning, and we’ve seen them done every which way. Some would say the platform is played out, and it’s time to look for a Stude in order to stand out. Jonathan Ward quietly begs to differ as he steps out of this show-stopping Thriftmaster at the 2013 SEMA show. What makes the Icon builds remarkable is not so much what has been done, but what hasn’t been done. To the casual observer, this truck is lowered. Then you notice those steelies are 18” billets, the badges are not OEM, the trim is brushed, the lighting is all LED, the fitment is perfect, and everything starts to unravel. Now you can’t look at it fast enough, you want to look at the whole truck at one time, and it’d sure be nice to have a stock truck parked next to it for comparison’s sake. You’re hooked.

Thriftmaster Studebaker Truck Photo
Thriftmaster Studebaker Truck Trunk Photo
Thriftmaster Studebaker Truck Masterpiece

This landslide reaction is the mark of a true masterpiece. A custom built vehicle should move you; the more you see, the more you notice, yet the general public skips right past, looking toward the dripping candy paint and 26’s. That’s cool; let ‘em go, that leaves more for the connoisseur crowd. Icon doesn’t build for the masses.

If you have a serious jones for a truck like this and serious coin to make it happen, you can have the Icon team build one especially for you. You’ll be sportin’ a huffed LS engine nestled into a modern chassis, custom-designed Dakota Digital VHX instrumentation, GPS-navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities and leather-trimmed insides with subtle, understated elegance on the outside. It’s a new pickup with all of the bragging and arrogance deleted, instead, you’ll find power, agility and style. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thriftmaster Studebaker Truck Trees Shade
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