Trask Speed Glide

Trask Speed Glide

Too Much is Just Enough

Can it be over the top and under the radar at the same time?

Trask Performance has become known for high-output Harleys. If you need something more between your legs, call up the crew at Trask for one of their turbo kits and hang on tight. Doubling the stock output is the name of the game for Nick Trask and his team of misfits. You’ve no doubt seen burnout videos from Australia; huge blowers poking out of hoods and cars melting their tires clean off the wheels. Apparently this is just how kids are raised down under; as a transplant to the US, Nick Trask brought this Aussie brand of twisted fun to the Arizona desert and took it a few steps further by putting such mayhem on two wheels.

After building a great reputation as the go-to place for turbo-spoolin’ two-wheeled upgrades, Nick saw a chance to really make a mark on the motorcycle industry and elected to launch the Trask Speed Glide series of limited edition boiler makers. Starting with a new Road Glide or Street Glide, the chaps at Trask peel back the layers and dive right in to the cream-filled center. The pedestrian 103” engine is poked and prodded until it measures 106”. All of the limp-wrist stock parts are chucked in favor of a mixture of the best in the industry; S&S, Trask along with ThunderMax, Timken and Fueling. The extra cubes and the snail strapped to the side boost the output to 150hp/160tq on pump gas. When you feel like adding race gas on payday, get ready for 185hp/186/tq. Don’t tell Mom.

Trask Street Glide Horsepower

For the car guys that think 185 hp is anemic, keep in mind we’re talking about a two cylinder engine; if you multiply the numbers for V8 specs, you’re talking about a 424” engine laying down 740hp. Still drowsy? Sit up straight and scope out the 131” option. Checking this option box will give you 200hp/200tq from the pump and an irresponsible 259+hp/235+tq on the good stuff. We’re talking nearly 2hp/ci! I don’t care what team you play for, these are some wicked numbers. Either powerplant gets hooked to a Baker-backed six-speed packed with a Barnett clutch. The 131” bruiser gets a Barnett clutch basket because nobody has time for shrapnel in their leg.

Trask Street Glide Sophistication

A Speed Glide has an air about it, a look of sophistication and forethought that many custom baggers simply do not have. The paint scheme compliments the shape of the motorcycle, making it look fast when sitting still. The turbocharger and intercooler certainly add to the look of speed, along with the billet 26” front wheel, dual six-piston front calipers and Trask brand controls. Wanting the very best for their bikes, Trask Performance designed the handlebars, grips as well as controls, ensuring everything flows together. The V-line bars are propped up on top of a 45-degree neck and 9-degree triple trees, putting that wheel out front where it belongs.

Trask Speed Glide MVX-8k

Finishing off the skeleton is the flesh; the body. A Fat Katz steel front fender pairs nicely with the Trask chin spoiler and stretched tank, while the rear fender is extended to match the bags. Dakota Digital’s new line of MVX-8K analog instruments are standard equipment on all Speed Glides, making sure you keep track of that screamer trying to buck you off the back.

If you’re all hot and bothered now and want to join in the Australian national pastime of melting rear tires, you better hop-to as there are only 16 Speed Glides slated for production. Pick one of four available colors, pick the 131” engine, and see if you can’t scare some stiff collar in an exotic at the next stoplight. Just don’t let the trail of snaking black marks on the street lead to your driveway.

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