Bronco Buster

From Dakota Digital
Bronco Buster
1969 Yellow Bronco

Bronco Buster

How 'bout a bright Bronco?

Dakota Digital isn’t just for teal and tweed street rods ya know; we like nearly everything on four wheels. This month we bring you a departure from the typical Six Degrees offering, as variety is the spice of life and car magazines have become awfully segmented lately. Feast your eyes upon this Porsche yellow 1969 Ford Bronco.

If you’re still reading, I appreciate your open mind, I mean after all, this rig has big billet wheels, sized 18x11 on all four corners and sourced from Budnik (eat your heart out, pro tourers), an upgraded suspension with altered ride height (albeit up instead of down) and a finely detailed undercarriage. You see? 4x4 builds aren’t all that bad, in fact, they have a lot in common with your muscle car!

1969 Ford Bronco Engine

Looking further into the Bronco, we find a well detailed Ford 351 wearing an Edelbrock intake and Holley valve covers, both bathed in Ford Blue engine paint for a deceptively stock look. Beyond that, the engine bay is beautifully detailed with a nice mix of stock and hot rod parts. For simplicity’s sake, a C6 and Ford 9” round out the drivetrain; a pair of 9” differentials, to be exact. To offset the rolling resistance of the 37” Toyos, each corner of the rig has disc brakes.

1969 Ford Bronco drivetrain
1969 Ford Bronco Black Leather Interior

Breaking tradition with most off-road hot rods, the interior in this Bronco is on par with most street machines. It’s rare to see an entire black leather interior done by JS Custom Interiors inside something this tall, primarily because admirers can’t see in the windows! That didn’t stop Kindig-It Designs from adding a polished ididit steering column and a prototype LeCarra steering wheel. Set into the stock dash are the Vintage Air AC controls, and, on the left side of the driver, and VHX-66F-BRO instrument system. Before you think that Kindig-It chopped up the dash and moved the gauge cluster to the other side of the column, you should know that this unique placement is original as the day is long. With such a simplistic dashboard, there isn’t room above the column, and all of the controls are centrally located in the center so left side was wide open. It’s one of those oddities that makes the model endearing to the diehard fans and if you ever changed it, there’d be heck to pay.

1969 Ford Bronco VHX-66F-BRO Dakota Digital gauge system
1969 Ford Bronco bright yellow

It’s hard to look away from the eye-searing yellow hue splashed on this thing, and as we mentioned it’s sourced from Porsche. You’ll also notice that the fit and finish is A-1 underneath it; Kindig-It elected to keep the body stock yet perfect what Henry gave us. The factory brightwork looks quite nice, making a strong case for not shaving everything with reckless abandon.

Did I win you over? Has your hardened, red-’69-Camaro-only heart softened a bit for this sunshiny off roader? I figure if anyone could make a Bronco fit for a street machiner, Kindig-It Designs in Salt Lake City would make it happen.

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