Thank you for visiting our Motor Market Magazine showcase!  Below, you will find vehicles recently featured in our "Six-Degrees" column, showing you some of the world's hottest custom vehicles incoporating Dakota Digital products, bringing a local connection to these truly unique rides!  Applications will be listed monthly to coincide with the print issue, check back often for the latest!

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Jeff Volker C10

Jeff Volker C10 2016 Aug

Slam'd 64 Impala

Slam'd 64 Impala 2015 July

Rockstar Bronco

Rockstar Bronco 2015 Apr

Cleary '57 Buick

Cleary '57 Buick 2015 Jan

1959 Impala

1959 Impala 2014 Dec

Bronco Buster

Bronco Buster 2014 Nov

1947 Cadillac

1947 Cadillac 2014 Jan

AMD Nova

AMD Nova 2013 Nov

Hewatt Chevelle

Hewatt Chevelle 2013 Oct

Kindig Galaxie

Kindig Galaxie 2013 Aug

Power Touring 2013

Power Touring 2013 2013 July

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