Direct Plug-in
Direct Plug-in

Direct Plug-in.

This is a term you will see used more often by Dakota Digital. As vehicles continue to advance, so does the technology surrounding them. Dakota Digital has always been an innovator in instrumentation, why stop now?

Many 2004 and newer motorcycles use a databus which carries large amounts of information on a single wire. Several Dakota Digital instruments are able to communicate with the factory computer via this single wire, allowing the end user to simply plug in the gauge with no further wiring needed.

Other instruments sporting this logo will have a connector built in, or a harness which will plug directly into the stock wiring. Don't worry, this logo also means that mounting your new instrument will be a snap too, many times using the stock mounting hardware.

In the end, what this all means to you is that you'll have no headaches trying to figure out how to wire or mount your new gauge, just plug it in!

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